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Basement Stairs Part 2

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So this is where I left off last week.




I had sanded coarsely once, filled all the dings and dents with wood filler, sanded with a fine grade paper, wiped everything clean with a damp rag and now it was time to do some caulking. The reason for caulking before you paint is that you want to eliminate anything that will cast a dark shadow within your white paint. If you were to paint a dark color it wouldn’t be necessary in the same way. I caulked along the edges where the stairs meet the walls and also along each step. After adding caulk I used a finger to smooth and then the damp rag to wipe away any excess.



Since the stairs are basically a floor that you walk on I got some special floor paint. I was told that it would be more fluid than regular wood paint for trim and they recommended that I use regular paint on the sides and risers and the floor paint on the treads because the floor paint might need more coats to get good coverage.




So I started doing it by the book with the first coat and painted with two different paints. I didn’t find the texture of the paints to be that different though so I ended up painting the remaining coats with just the floor paint. Doing that also ensured I would get the same finish everywhere.



It took three coats and while I was paining the last coat I did think that I’d need a forth one, at least to touch up here and there but when it was dry it was evident that three coats was enough.



As for the handrail I’m keeping it wooden and it matches all the handles downstairs too. I stained the handrail back when I did the rest of the handrails and I do like the look of it against the white and grey.



This may look like the finished product, but it’s not actually, I still have the mystery product to add and hopefully I’ll be able to show you that next week. Stay tuned.