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Basement Stairs Part 3 – Revealed

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I bet you’re all pretty fed up with my basement stairs by now but I just want to finish this series off by showing you the final result. Here’s what I started out with. Orange pine that had seen it’s best day.



Here’s that same view today. All nice and white. From here you can’t see the “mystery product” I’ve been going on about these past few weeks. It is there though!



You saw a glimpse of it the other day and here is is!  Elisabeth who runs Chasing Paper got in touch to see if I wanted to try out her new company’s (they launched last week!) product. Chasing paper is removable wallpaper. It comes in 2×4 feet panels which are basically like giant stickers. You can put them on your wall or anywhere in your home. Because they’re removable it’s perfect if you’re renting because they come off as easily as they go up according to Elisabeth. When she got in touch I immediately knew where I wanted to try some out. Hello triangles, meet my basement stairs!



So what I did was measure each stair riser and cut a strip of the panel accordingly. The color of the triangles is more true in this photo than in the others by the way. It’s a charcoal grey and white and not black and white. I like it because I have a grey and white thing going on in the basement and this darker grey gives it all some definition. After cutting it was just a matter of peeling off the backing and sticking them in place.



So from the top of the stairs it’s all white but as you turn around downstairs you get a nice surprise. I can tell you that if these panels hadn’t been removable I probably wouldn’t have gone for such a bold pattern but because I know it’s not permanent it was such an easy decision. And I do like it. I like it a lot! And Wille loves it!

So, thanks so much Elisabeth and Chasing Paper for letting me try these out!