Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

New York Day 2


On the Tuesday we hit the streets of New York City as soon as the stores opened.



We had some things we wanted to check out and get on this trip. Wille wanted sunglasses and second hand stuff, preferably army related. I was on the hunt for a bag. We had a couple of addresses for army/navy surplus stuff but unfortunately both Kaufman and Galaxy were closed the week after Easter.



Kaufman was our only stop in midtown but after realizing they were closed we decided to take a quick walk over to Times Square, because we were so close by.



At Times Square we saw banners about a Harry Potter Exhibition at Discovery. We hadn’t heard about it beforehand and it turned out it was the very last week it was up so of course we went to see it. It was so great to see so many of the original costumes and props from the films. Photos weren’t allowed inside but we did snap this in the foyer before leaving. Oh, and also a wand was purchased. You never get too old for HP.



We did A LOT of walking during our stay. It was pretty cold and super windy but sunny. Here we’re in Washington Square Park.



Spring was late in New York, same as back home, but there was no snow and the Magnolias were just about to open. Beautiful.



Several pit stops a day were made at Starbucks. I had latte and Wille had juice and on this occasion we also had the giant chocolate chunk cookies. Oh, and internet!



I love the streets of New York city.

Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow.