Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson



I’ve grown up with Iittala, having lived in Finland the first four years of my life and that brand being heavily present in my childhood home in the form of stemware and vases. So when my new pals at Iittala’s Swedish PR company wanted to send over a gift I was more than happy to accept.



Especially happy  since the gift was a couple of the new styles for 2013 of Vitriini, those cute square glass boxes that came out a few years ago. They’ve been on my wish list for quite a while but I couldn’t really justify the need for yet another container of any kind. SO happy to accept these though. The colors were quite the surprise though. I didn’t know what I’d be getting and while the white/clear one was a given favorite the salmon one came as a bit of a shock (I must be easily shocked). My first instinct was that I would have nowhere to put it but within an hour or so it had grown on me and now I love it.




Where to put them into use though? I went around the house and found the perfect spot for them both. They now collect our spare change in the entry hall. 10 kronor coins in the small salmon one and the rest in the larger clear/white Durat one.

Thank you Maria and Iittala!