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Green in Home Office

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So here’s what the home office area in the living room used to look like. You can’t tell in this photo but at the far end of the desk there’s a window. Mini and Bonus love sitting on that window sill and to get to it they used my desk as their walkway. It meant I constantly had to wipe the desk top. Like every time I wanted to use my computer mouse I had to wipe first or there would be dirt stuck underneath or pet hair obstacles for the mouse to overcome. It got old after a while and I even had feather duster next to me in the end. So I figured I’d try to rearrange things so Mini and Bonus wouldn’t be as tempted to use my desk.



I  figured that placing the desk against the wall would keep it furthest away from the window. There is a bit of glare from the window onto the computer screen but it’s not as bad as I expected and less bad than other placements I tried first.



After I removed what was on that wall I realized that not only were there holes from what was hanging there before but also from before before if you know what I mean. So I filled those to get a blank canvas.



I took inventory of the paints I had at hand and decided to go for the green I used on this unsuccessful project. There wasn’t nearly enough for a whole wall so I taped out an area using a level, pencil and masking tape. This very same wall actually saw similar action when I used the space as my bedroom after we moved in.




Here’s the first coat…




… and here’s the second coat on with the tape removed and a picture ledge up. It was one I had left over and it fit nicely in that spot.




I added some knick knacks that were on the cube shelves previously and made a new screen saver using old photos from when Wille was a toddler. The wall “behind” the green reads a little off white in these shots but is actually pure white. I took the photos in the evening and had a bit if a white balancing issue there.

And did it keep Mini and Bonus off the desk? Yes! Mission accomplished. Also it opened up the whole living room nicely and Mini has here new favorite spot in front of the window as shown here. Success!

Ps. In case you're wondering the color code for the paint is NCS S3050-G10Y but I did add a tiny bit of white to it to last me longer.

Pps. The cat bed is by Whiskas. They don't make them any longer. I got ours at Ebay. Try doing a "Whiskas cat bed" search there if you want one.