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Lucky Gardener

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I’m a lucky gardener. Not so much when it comes to growing a lawn as I described yesterday but because it turns out that my Iittala pals are also my Fiskars pals! I know, lucky me that the PR firm that handles Ittala in Sweden also handles my other favorite brand Fiskars. And no, it’s no coincidence that two of my favorite brands are Finnish, I’m drawn to great Finnish design like a bee to honey, being of Finnish origins myself.

Those of you who’ve read my blog for a while know how I’m a HUGE fan of Fiskars scissors. Nothing compares and when they made them in white a couple of years ago I was in seventh cutting heaven. Only wish I’d bought more because they don’t seem to make them in glorious white anymore.



Anyway when I was asked if I wanted to try out the new Fiskars Quantum pruner, lopper and hedge shear I couldn’t reply quickly enough. It wasn’t only the fact that  love the brand but also because I had both a new pruner and a new hedge shear on my shopping list. The hedge shear I’ve been using for the past twelve years came with our old house (and was already old and a bit rusty at the time) and I wasn’t able to sharpen the blades anymore because they were SO blunt and the cheapo pruner I bought last year actually fell apart the week before I got the e-mail. True story!

Anyway I’m so happy with my new tools! The hedge shear hasn’t seen any action yet, still not much to cut yet but I can not wait to put it into use in a month’s time or so. I’m also excited to start attacking some apple tree shoots with the lopper. Hey, I’m now game for any cutting actually!




The pruner got a taste of what’s to come as I was emptying the compost bins and did the twig base. Man, it was like cutting into butter compared to what I had before. Lesson to be learned. Get proper, good quality tools instead of cheap stuff that needs replacing every year.

Oh, aside from the functionality and the cutting action (picture me doing quite a few happy dry runs in the air) these garden tools are also a joy to look at and hold with their cork handles. Again, Finnish design at its best.

Thank you so much, Maria and Fiskars!