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No.27 in Concrete – Starting the Project

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So, I’ve been wanting to do another concrete craft ever since I participated in, and WON, the Panduro concrete challenge a few years ago. See my entries to the challenge at the end of this post.

Anyway, I had envisaged doing a concrete circle grouping like I showed here, but as the time went by I decided against the idea.

I still had some bags of concrete in the garage and was itching to do something fun with them. In the photo above you see the entrance to our back yard from the park. There were some random pavers going on a diagonal from the walkway towards the opening and they’ve bugged me ever since we moved in. 1) Don’t like those pebbled pavers at all. 2. On a diagonal? I like things straight.



So I dug them up. They’re not technically on my property so I saved them in the garage should anyone miss them. Not very likely since one was barely visible and almost completely overgrown (as a matter of fact I’m sure there are more but they’re totally overgrown). I then filled the holes with soil and there will grow weeds there in no time like the rest of that strip of lawn between us and the path, I’m sure.



My idea was to use this piece of chunky cardboard tube which I’ve saved for a long time to make a house number. We do get deliveries around the back of the house with gardening supplies etc and it’s hard to explain which house to deliver to when they all basically look the same and none have numbers back there.



So I took my tube and searched online for a font that would both work with the age of the house and would work well with concrete.  2 and 7 tend not to go well together I realized (I think it’s those diagonals again!) but in the end my choice fell on Geomancy which is kind of basic and chunky and I like the dipped toe on the 7 which makes it a tiny bit more interesting. I then printed the numbers in a size that would fit well inside my tube and cut them out to see what it looked like.




I should mention that I’ve have a lot of help on this project by a certain girl. A piece of paper on the floor, ANY piece of paper on the floor, and Mini will jump right in and help out.

To be continued.

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