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I’m a sucker for finishing off stuff. Hate, hate hate, little things that don’t get done for one reason or another. The last week of my vacation I went around the top floor of the house with a caulk gun and wood colored filler. I filled all the little left over gaps from when the new floor was laid two and a half years ago.



The old floor, or rather two layers of old floor + subfloor, was higher than the new floor and while my contractors added slightly higher skirting boards there were these gaps from where the vertical trim meets the floor. I didn’t give them enough time to do the finishing touches and instead planned to do it myself. It’s bothered me every time I’ve been up there and I finally did something about it. And it feels SO good. Still to do is give the not-entirely-white skirting boards and that threshold a lick of white paint. Maybe this Christmas.



I also got the same little ok rosettes to cover the pipe holes like I did in Wille’s bedroom. They really do finish things off nicely. These I haven’t glued together yet as I need to paint the skirting boards behind so there’s a tiny gap so I can open them up and remove them when I’m ready to paint. After that’s done I’ll use wood glue to shut them up.

Like I said, I just love finishing things off.