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Project 52: Week 34

Week 34

This week I noticed how orange has crept back in to my life again. I had quite a bit of orange in the house a few years ago. Check out this, this and this post. And for the record I absolutely cringe at my complete inability to white balance back then. Actually I think I might not even have been aware of what that was in those days. I’m happy that as my blog has evolved over the years, so has my photography and white balancing skills.

Anyway orange is currently in the house in the shape of an ashtray I got from mom last week. I know, 60’s naked lady alert! It’s also there vaguely in the scented candle I bought a while ago as it was starting to feel darker in the evenings. I’m not big on scented stuff but this one I loved the minute I sniffed it in the store. Wille on the other hand was like “what’s that smell?”. And not in a good way. I’ll have to burn it in September when he’s away then :). The “Made in the USSR” bowls Wille got  me as a surprise gift over a year ago are still favorites to both of us. The very latest bit of orange came to me in the shape of my new gym membership card. I’m still doing my weekend power walks but I know I will need to replace them with something when the temperature goes down below zero so I figured I might as well get started now. My job pays half of it which is great, I haven’t really taken advantage of that perk before so it was about time.


  • shelly says:

    Hi Benita, I was wondering if you could give some tips and explain white balancing? I’m gradually changing things in my home to white, getting rid of dark woods and as I start to do this I’m finding it a tricky balance. I would love to know how you approach a room and if there any basic rules of thumb?

  • Shelly- White balancing is actually the technical term for getting the white correct in photos. In my old photos the pure white in my house tended to look yellow in photos because I didn’t know how to white balance.
    As for getting whites right IRL I tend to stick to pure white with no tints of any kind. Then I like to mix in a bit of off white and grey in wolly blankets and sheep skins to warm the white backdrop up.

  • Sandy (USA) says:

    Hi there! I guess one has to understand the photography world to fully grasp the white balancing business because when I look at your pics, I think there amazing … from now and then. Me personally, I wouldn’t mind if you posted your pics on a daily basis and to save you time, I’d even take it without any context! You did say you want to take more pics right and work on your white balancing right??? 🙂 Can’t blame a girl for trying. 🙁

  • Katie says:

    I’m happy that I skimmed down and read about how you choose white paint and accents. We are remodeling and I plan to do a white palette as a base but have been a going back and forth as to which white to choose. I almost emailed you about your paint choices a bit ago. Is your exterior white paint also without tint? We live in a different environment (California) but I’m just curious. It’s very attractive.

  • Katie – Yes, the exterior paint is also without any tint. All pure white :).

  • Orange is so fun. It looks great like you have it: little orange details with white. Beautiful.

  • Zosia says:

    The fall is coming, orange is the IT colour at this time of the year (pumpkins, orange leaves, orange chrysanthemums).

  • Shelly says:

    Thanks Benita! I had no clue that you were talking about your photos! (duh me)It now makes sense haha.
    Thank you so much for your tips on how you choose your colors. I seem to remember you saying that you used pure white so that is what I’ve been buying and could not be more pleased. Slowly I’m chipping away at all the dark wood in our house. BTW I love the orange and I never noticed your photos looking yellow and I think I’ve read and seen your entire blog. 🙂 It’s very inspiring and even though you don’t know it you’ve really helped me make some great choices in my own home…sort of a “What Would Benita Do” haha Hope you’re enjoying this last bit of summer and thanks again!

  • Siri says:

    I love to decorate With Orange come fall! Where did you buy the scented candle? I also started to light candles early this year. I only use the scented ones around fall/Winter, but it is hard to find scented candles that doesn`t smell to much. A lot of them smell so strong that it is all over the home. Love the ashtray!!

  • Siri – I got mine in store at Åhléns City in Stockholm. They’re in the beatuty section in the basement.

  • Siri says:

    Thanx! I`ll check the local Åhlens tomorrow!

  • Siri – I doubt they’ll have them I’m afraid. The Stockholm City store has so many more brands than the smaller local stores. I think you’re more likely to find them online actually. Here’s one webshop that has quite a big range including the one I got.

  • jja says:

    What kind of a smell has your candle? I like to read about your “new” life like cooking, doing sport, going out :-). Enjoy.

  • jja – It’s kind of sweet and citrusy at the same time.