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Chez Larsson

The Dinner Club


Three friends and neighbors and I have a dinner club. We didn’t sit down and decided “Lets have a dinner club!”, it just happened organically when we started getting together for drinks, “fika” or dinner. After the first dinner to with everyone pitched in bringing a random dish we said it might be a good idea to decide who brings what the next time. That evolved into a country theme.


We take turns hosting and the hostess picks the theme country. On Saturday it was my turn to have everyone over. My theme of choice, the USA. The hostess provides the main course and the other three choose either starter, dessert or drinks. This time around Sarah served a Cajun inspired Caesar salad along with some root brew.



I made pulled pork BBQ with cole slaw.



Kerstin brought a delicious Key Lime pie for dessert.



Jenny was in charge of drinks. There were pale ales, Californian wine and Manhattans.

I love being a part of a dinner club. For someone like me who isn’t into cooking that much it takes the pressure out of hosting dinners since I can concentrate on one dish and really enjoy the evening instead of stressing out over cooking.

Next up, la France! I’ll be in charge of desserts. Any ideas?