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Done! Or should I say handled?



Remember this post where I used washers to cover up the flaking paint on Wille’s closet doors after removing the old knobs? Well while the washers did a good job covering up the flaking wasn’t the only thing that bothered me about the closets. When I tore up the old floor I had a couple of tears to the trim which wasn’t looking very pretty and that new baseboard also wasn’t great looking, not being pure white with visible nail holes.





So with Wille away for a month I took the opportunity to remove the doors, patch, de-gloss and paint them and the frame.



Luckily the weather was still warm and sunny the first week of September so I could do all the sanding and patching outside.



And now I’m happy with the finished result. Wille probably won’t notice but I love that it’s finally done and so much cleaner looking.

Still one more project in his room which I hope to get to before he comes home. It’s behind that wallpapered door.