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Chez Larsson

Project 52: Week 35

Week 35

A bit bummed this week. Not because Wille left for Dublin yesterday ( Yay, here he comes!) or due to the heavy rain we’ve had over the weekend (Yay, garden!). I’m bummed because just as I was so excited about my power walks and was getting ready to see the PT at the gym I got an inflammation in my right ankle. I know, so typical! It started when I felt a pain in my foot on the train back from my mom’s and figured I’d hit myself with the spade while digging in her garden (I’m fast and focused when I’m in action and often don’t realize I hurt myself until I find the bruise later…) but after a week or so of swelling that wouldn’t go down I went to see a doctor who told me I have an inflammation to the tendon on the inside of my foot which causes the swelling above. Duh! I had to postpone my PT appointment a week and hopefully I’ll be ok by Sunday when I have the new appointment. I’m taking meds three times daily to get the swelling down and to take the edge off the pain so fingers crossed it’ll all be fine quickly. Like right now, pretty please! 

Have a good week guys and cross your fingers for me!