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The Bar Cart

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This is not a sponsored post despite that big yellow and blue logo on the box.

As you know Wille took a bartending course in Dublin in September. When he was still over there we were texting each other about setting up some sort of a bar so he could still practice his stuff at home. There’s no room in the kitchen to organize a bar cabinet so we decided to get a bar cart of some sort. I have had my eyes on this one ever since it came out and have wanted to use it somewhere and saw my chance. After I pinned it someone mentioned that it’s on the small side and after checking the dimensions I sadly realized it is.



So instead we got the Råskog. I’m not happy that it wasn’t available in white but we’re considering a few coats of spray paint. Unfortunately the spray painting season is over so that will be something to tackle come spring.



Anyway, Wille’s a happy camper. All his stuff fits and is easily accessible.



I’m a happy camper too. I get offered all sorts of cocktails! I love seeing Wille do his stuff, it looks so professional! Favorite cocktails so far, the Bee’s Knees and Gimlet.