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Chez Larsson

United States of Cakes

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New on my book pile, United States of Cakes by Roy Fares. He’s a pastry chef, a TV personality and a hunk. Yes, this is a guy to add to my list. I don’t usually fall for the middle eastern type but this guy also bakes. What more can you possibly want? And I hear he’s single.



Anyway I love that there’s now an inspiring (in so many ways) book with American cake recipes, translated and slightly adapted to our Swedish palates (a little less sugar). I love American baked goods but I hardly ever used to bake any because of the hassle of translating all the measurements and not being able to get the proper ingredients locally. Anyway, with company over last Saturday I made the carrot cake which turned out SO yummy.



I also made a version of the blueberry bars but with sour cherries and in a pie dish. Also delish!



Sorry about the less than pristine looking plate but that piece of carrot cake in the photo wasn’t the first I had on there. That’s how good it was.